Required items:

  • Cleanser
  • Wig comb or brush
  • Wig stand
  • Large bowl or wash basin
  • Cool or lukewarm water NEVER USE HOT WATER
  • Clean absorbent towel


  1. First lightly brush out the wig to loosen debris and tangles
  2. Fill the basin with cool or lukewarm water until the level is high enough to completely submerge the piece
  3. Add Phase I Cleanser to the water – 1oz per quart of water
  4. Place the piece into the solution so that it is completely submerged
  5. Let the piece soak for up to 5 minutes, depending on degree of soiling
  6. GENTLY agitate the piece while in the solution. Don’t rub
  7. Either rinse the piece under a faucet or refill the basin with clean water and rinse until all solution is washed out – USE COLD WATER ONLY
  8. Place the piece on the side of the bowl or basin for a few minutes to allow drainage of excess water
    Place the piece on a towel on a flat surface and gently pat dry to pick up excess moisture
  9. Hang the piece on a wig stand and allow to fully dry at room temperature

Note: Never brush or comb a synthetic piece when wet.

For best results, we recommend the Tony of Beverly IV Phase Synthetic Hair Care System.