To do great work – you have to love what you do… For five decades, we’ve been passionate about what we do. Through research, resources, and experience, Tony of Beverly continues to incorporate the newest innovations with our products to produce the best wigs and hairpieces for our customers…

AirCap AirCap

The original capless construction. A lace-free crown with individual wefts that are attached to vertical strips of stretchable nylon. Developed to allow better air ventilation and lighter weight. aka Capless or wefted crown.

AmbientFiber Ambient Fiber

Tony of Beverly’s exclusive blend of high heat synthetic fiber. Designed to achieve different looks using flat-iron, curling iron, blow dryer. Ambient Fiber is designed to withstand heat up to 350°F. You can easily achieve different looks using a temperature controlled (240°F – 350°F) flat iron or curling iron.

EluraBlend EluraBlend

Our exclusive proprietary blend of Kanekalon modacrylic fibers.

HarpCap2 HarpCap

Combining the durability of a full cap and the lightweight wearability of a capless. The wefting is attached to a smaller contoured lace material at the crown. This exclusive cap design is used when lighter airy styles are desired.

HeritageCap HeritageCap

Our traditional cap design is durable and used when volume is desired in a style. Closed lace material fully covering the crown provides natural lift and volume at the crown.

HoneyCombMesh HoneyComb Cap

Honeycomb base allows your own hair to pull through for a more natural & comfortable feel.

MonoEssentials MonoEssentials

Monofilament only where absolutely needed. Combines the naturalness of a monotop with the affordability of a machine made cap. A MonoEssentials™ Part is a Hand-tied monofilament at the critical part area. A MonoEssentials™ Crown is a small section (usually between 1-2 inches) of hand-tied monofilament in the critical crown for natural appearance.

MonoFusion MonoFusion

This is a Fusion of the MonoLux crown with a hand tied base allowing for the most natural movement and is the ultimate in luxury wigs. Each fiber is hand-knotted onto the entire cap which consists of a soft and flexible net base material and takes over 80 skilled hours of labor to achieve.  Includes polyurethane ear and nape tabs for Fusion Tape™, which can be used if desired for added security. These caps will mold to the shape of your head and wear like your favorite pair of jeans.

MonoLux MonoLux

Each fiber is hand-knotted onto a sheer nylon mesh base along the entire crown area. This type of cap shows as a natural crown and allows hair to be styled in all directions desired.

MonoLuxPlus MonoLuxPlus

MonoLuxPlus include an extra layer of silky material on the underside of mono portion for added comfort and softness.

RTWLaceFront RTW LaceFront

Ready-to-Wear LaceFront is a natural hairline for styling hair away from face. Each fiber is hand-knotted to sheer lace material along the front hairline from temple to temple.

SoftTouch SoftTouch

Lightweight denier fiber excellent for hot climates and short styles.

UltimateFit UltimateFit

Our exclusive UltimateFit Cap design features lighter and more stretchable elastic around the entire cap for a more custom fit. This cap will mold to the shape of your head.